“I watched for years as support reps,
technicians, and management continued to
lose customers because of poor soft skills.

It is hard to watch, especially when a very
talented technical person lost a customer when
they couldn’t engage on a personal level!

That’s why I created Dave’s Charm School.”

Onboard New Employees
Start your new hires on the right path by immediately training and encouraging desired behaviors.

Train Existing Employees
Reinforce the best qualities of your team and smooth out their rough edges.

Resolve Problems
Use specific courses in Dave’s Charm School to address specific problems in the workplace.

From the Experts

David Russell is CEO & Senior Consultant at MANAGEtoWIN, a leadership consulting company working with small and midsize businesses to help them grow effectively.

He has been called the Leadership Guy for entrepreneurs and has spent the better part of his career teaching leadership, hiring, management, and company culture.

Charm School is provided by David and the team at MANAGEtoWIN.

Learn, Improve, Grow

Charm School is the only business soft skills training designed to accelerate the growth of services firms by improving the behaviors, habits, and attitudes of your employees, managers, and executives.

You get a robust learning management system to add users, take courses, and track progress with training reports.

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