Upcoming Coaching Sessions, a Problem with Points & Badges, Want Training?

This is a quick update about a few important things including coaching sessions, a problem with points and badges, and a training program we are exploring.

Upcoming Coaching Sessions

The next coaching session is coming up on Tuesday, August 14th. Visit the Coaching page to register for upcoming sessions. We are currently using GoToWebinar to host each session with voice and chat.

Coaching sessions are open to all active Charm School users. Feel free to register and engage with us!

Suggest a Topic for a Course or Coaching Session

Do you have a topic you want covered in a coaching session? Is there an area of training you or your team needs to spend more time on?

Let us know! Email us anytime at feedback@managetowin.com with thoughts and questions.

Problem With Awarding Points and Badges

Two people have reported a problem with Points and Badges. Namely, after they complete a lesson or a course they have not received the proper points and badges for their efforts.

We are currently working on a fix.

Problem With Awarding Points and Badges

One of the reasons for poor soft skills is a lack of initiative, structure, and training accountability. Many companies simply fail to schedule and track their employees’ and managers’ learning activities, especially for soft skills.

Therefore, we are exploring offering a training program for Dave’s Charm School. We would meet with you, establish your goals, help you schedule and coordinate training, then track your employee’s progress.

If you would be interested in a training program please contact us!