2nd Coaching Session Added – Dining Etiquette in Various Situations

Our second Coaching Session is now available on Dave’s Charm School in case you missed it. Visit the Coaching page and click on “Previous Coaching Sessions” to watch the session.

Etiquette: Dining with Clients in a Different City was a fun session. David, Sinal, and I shared a few stories of dining with clients or prospects and offered advice on how to make your next outing a successful one. We covered:

  1. Dining with clients in a different city, or of a different culture.
  2. Appropriate topics of conversation for a business dinner.
  3. Understanding and keeping in mind the objective of the meeting.
  4. Practicing active listening and focusing on the other person.

If you missed it, we have added the video as a course on the “Previous Coaching Sessions” tab on the Coaching page.

Watch the video then click “Mark as Complete” to record your viewing of the coaching session.

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