Plans & Pricing
Select a plan below to get started with Dave’s Charm School. Your first 30 days are free.
Single login
$49 / month

with a 30-day free trial
Teams of 2-15
$199 / month

with a 30-day free trial
Teams of 16-50
$299 / month

with a 30-day free trial
Teams of 51-100
$399 / month

with a 30-day free trial

All plans include complete access to Dave’s Charm Scool, videos and PPT, scenarios and games for group learning, a full LMS with lessons and exams, certificates of completion for people who pass each course, and admin access to add users and view learning progress.

How does the FREE trial work?
We require credit card information to sign up, but you are not charged until 30 days after your signup date. Pick your plan to get started, enter your info, and your account will be active. Cancel anytime during the free trial.
How long is each course?
Courses are divided into lessons that take 5-20 minutes each. With up to 6 lessons each, courses are 40 minutes to a little over 1 hour in length.
Should I do an entire training at once with my team or an individual?
Dave’s Charm School challenges existing behaviors and deeply held habits. We suggest you work with your team to train, discuss, roleplay, and pilot new behaviors based on 1-2 sections of a course at a time. Deeper training to develop new habits is more effective over time than speeding through the material. View the material in advance of group training to gather real situations that have occurred in your organization to discuss.
Do we get any future updates?
Yes. All current subscribers get access to the courses including any updates.
How often are the courses updated?
We update Charm School courses regularly based on client feedback. An update may include minor or major changes to content or exams, including complete overhauls. We try to prioritize our updates based on Client feedback.
Are there any limits to how many people can use these courses?
Your subscription is a license limiting the number of people who can access courses and complete exams. Courses can be viewed and exams taken up to the number of people included in your subscription. Courses are not for public presentation outside of your company or for unlimited internal use by your organization. Distributing the files or any links outside of your company and/or with people outside of your company violates your license and our Terms of Use.
May I host the courses on my servers instead of bother managing multiple logins?
Unfortunately, no. We only offer Dave’s Charm School training via a monthly subscription on our site.
We have more than 100 people. How do we sign up?
Dave’s Charm School is a great resource for any size company. If you have more than 100 people then please click here to contact us to discuss your needs. We will configure a custom subscription for you.
Can I pause my subscription? What happens if I do? Will I or my users lose any data?
Yes, you can pause or cancel your subscription and then re-activate it at any time. Also, if you pause or cancel your subscription your users will not lose any of their progress or activity.
Are these courses written specifically for I.T. / managed service providers?

Yes and no. Course materials and examples are related to real-life scenarios of our Clients at MANAGEtoWIN, the majority of whom are I.T. / managed service providers. However, the content is 100% relevant to any company and any industry.

What if we disagree with what is taught?

We are not aware of any instance where a customer has totally disagreed with anything in the courses. We do encourage you to personalize each key training points by discussing real service tickets and typical scenarios that have occurred in your organization. It is fine if you want your people to do things slightly different. Even in those situations Dave’s Charm School remains a great tool to have discussions of how your organization is unique. We welcome any feedback too, so please send your thoughts along.

How do we judge the ROI of Charm School?

Charm School teaches systems that affect soft skills, habits, thought processes, behaviors, and motivations of people in business environments. Often these crucial skills are not directly related to revenue, costs, and profits, but hugely impact your financial results nonetheless.

Here is how to consider the ROI of Dave’s Charm School:

Consider one specific behavior you want to improve. Perhaps your technical people can learn to save 10 minutes a day by watching our Time Management course. Multiply 10 minutes across your team to calculate the amount of time they would save each day. Then, multiply that amount of time by your average hourly rate.

For a team of 10 people that would mean 100 minutes per day saved. At an hourly rate of $100 that would equal $166 per day saved.

With 250 working days in a year that’s $41,500 saved!

Obviously we cannnot guarantee these results - the effectiveness of the training relies on the student. However, we do guarantee that Dave’s Charm School contains numerous pieces of wisdom that, when used properly, will help your business run smoother and make customers happier.